Nick & Kate

Introducing the newly engaged Nick & Kate! This lovely couple met through mutual friends at Lizotte’s in Newcastle in 2013. The two were recently holidaying in Canada. 3 days in they had hired an RV and were staying in a quaint little town called Squamish. On the top of their to-do list was to hike up to the peak of a mountain called The Stawamus Chief which towers 702 metres above Squamish. Despite being challenging, reaching the second peak made it all worth it. As more and more hikers reached the peak to take in the view, the couple decided to head back down. Once they reached the more secluded first peak, away from the fellow hikers, Kate turned around to Nick down on one knee. “We both started to laugh, as we had never been a typical romantic couple” said Kate. She could tell he was nervous because Nick could only get out the first few syllables of “will you”! As they both laughed, Kate said YES! As they started to descend back down, Kate said she kept tripping over as she was too distracted by her ring rather then looking where her feet were going! They celebrated with a beautiful dinner in Whistler and met up with a friend for a few too many beers… Congratulations Nick and Kate!