Diamond Education at Whitakers Newcastle

Diamond Education

Whitakers provides professional diamond education to our customers.

A beautiful diamond dances with brilliance and fire – it has a life of its own that sparkles and shines, catching the light and sending its warmth across a room.

And when you find the perfect diamond, you fall in love.

With so much to consider, working with an expert, qualified jeweller can make all the difference. You want to work with someone who understands what you want, how important this is to you, who respects your budget and who is as passionate about finding you the perfect diamond as you are.

hands of a bride with an engagement ring and a wedding manicure
We’d love you to come in and see us at our Darby St store where you can talk to one of our diamond experts.

The striking beauty and timeless appeal of diamonds has made these beautiful stones a symbol of love and eternity for centuries, but finding the one that makes your heart stop can be daunting. Which is why a little diamond education can pave the way for you and help make finding your forever piece a bit less confusing.

Because there is a lot to take in.

What are the ‘Four Cs’? Which shape is best? What kind of setting? Gold, silver or platinum? What size diamond should I buy? Where should I start looking?

For more than a century, Whitakers has been the jeweller of choice in the Hunter for diamonds. And there’s nothing we love more than working with our clients to create that special piece of jewellery that will be treasured forever.

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