Diamond Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

Get your dream diamond ring from Whitakers

With over 1000 diamond engagement ring styles available in-store along with custom-made design options and experienced staff on hand to guide you through the process, there is no better place in Newcastle to find an engagement ring than Whitakers.

No matter what your diamond dream is – be it a solitaire round brilliant cut, a vintage style with an Asscher cut, a three stone emerald or a modern cushion cut halo – John and the team at Whitakers dedicate themselves to bringing your engagement ring vision to life.

As the diamond specialists in Newcastle, you can trust Whitakers to use only the highest quality of diamonds in your engagement ring.

The One

Few diamonds are good enough for Whitakers and only one in a hundred, can be The One. Whitakers The One is the diamond that takes five times longer to cut perfectly. The diamonds that qualify to be The One are cut from the purest hand selected rough diamond crystals to ensure their brilliance. What makes The One unlike any other diamond is the perfectly symmetrical ring of eight hearts on the bottom, accurately aligned with eight precision cut arrows on top to ensure maximum brightness and scintillation. As a result, The One diamond truly sparkles like no other.

GIA Certified

Whitakers Jewellers sells diamonds which have been certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). GIA is the world's oldest, largest, and one of the most respected independent laboratories. Unlike some other labs, GIA is not owned or partially owned by diamond wholesalers or retailers, and is a non-profit organisation. GIA actually developed the "4 C's" diamond grading system (used universally today) to provide truly objective standards in the evaluation of a diamond.


John Whitaker has developed a framework for recommending diamonds based on his extensive training at the GIA campus. Over time, John saw the need to develop W-Certified Diamonds, which are assessed based on the GIA standard quality controls, but also in how they appear. W-Certified diamonds do not come with independent certification from a laboratory but are assessed and graded by John Whitaker. These stones are hand-picked from large parcels of stones to provide excellent value for money along with high quality.