Wayne & Madeline

Introducing the newly engaged Wayne & Madeline… This lovely pair met at the Beaches in Newcastle 6 years ago and have been inseparable ever since! One Friday afternoon, Wayne had asked Madeline to meet him at the Fernleigh Track Tunnel after she finished work for a walk. After a long day at work, She didn’t really want to go for a walk, but decided to go anyway as Wayne was already waiting with their dog Louie. Madeline said that when she arrived, Louie was very excited and Wayne looked very nervous! When she got close enough she noticed that Louie had on a black bow tie and was sitting next to a chalkboard that read “Mum, will you marry my Dad?”. Wayne got down onto one knee and pulled out a $2 ring he bought from a fish and chip shop! After asking if she would marry him, he pulled out the real deal and of course Madeline said YES! After 12 long months of custom designing this ring, Madeline said “It is the perfect ring and exactly what I wanted!” Congratulations Wayne & Madeline!