Heath & Abbey

Introducing the newly engaged Heath & Abbey! These two happy people met through a mutual friend and hit it off instantly. Heath didn’t realize how special Abbey was until she moved overseas for 2 years! Heath says they spoke almost everyday, becoming inseparable… “sharing all our secrets, ups and downs and even though we were worlds apart it was like we were right next to each other.”  Eventually Abbey moved back to Australia and they have been together ever since. The couple recently holidayed in New York. Heath’s plan of popping the question on a beautiful boat ride to visit the Statue of Liberty, with a view of the entire city, was cut short when his gorgeous Abbey said she was too cold! Heath said “The whole subway trip back up town I was thinking OMG what’s plan B!” The beautiful Empire State Building. After watching another man propose to his girlfriend, the nerves starting appearing and Abbey was starting to catch on… Luckily, Heath had a moment to start the go-pro and get down on one knee! “I start calling out to Abbey and as she turns around she starts saying yes, yes, yes over and over before I could even get out my whole speech.” Congratulations to you both!