Evolution Diamonds

Evolution Diamonds

An Evolution Diamond is grown in highly-controlled laboratory conditions that simulate the exact conditions a mined diamond would undergo over thousands of years deep within the earth’s surface. To the naked eye, there is no difference between a mined and lab-grown diamond; and indeed, they are the same stone grown under different conditions and are identical in chemical, optical and physical composition.

Achieving diamonds of such beauty and authenticity calls for a carefully controlled environment of consistent heat and pressure, while the process of removing colour from each diamond – which results in a white stone of incredible clarity – takes time. The finesse and expertise required to create each Evolution diamond is what contributes to their limited availability.

Evolutions diamond are of a purity that only 2% of mined diamonds are classified. Their clarity is evaluated in the same-way as a mined diamond and each one is hand-cut to maximise its brilliance and colour by expert cutters. Every Evolution diamond comes with an individual grading report and is ethically grown with minimal environmental impact. We’d love to see you at our boutique store in Newcastle and let you experience all the beauty of Evolution.

“Our stunning Evolution Collection are true diamonds with all the sparkle, fire and brilliance of mined diamonds.”

What is an Evolution Diamond?

The Evolution Diamond Collection is exclusive to Whitakers and gives discerning buyers the opportunity to purchase incredibly stunning, man-made diamonds.

Whitakers Evolution diamonds are a distinguished collection of stones grown under conditions that mimic the earth’s natural growing process. Every Evolution diamond boasts amazing clarity – classified Type IIa, the purest form of diamond – and is certified by the same independent gemological labs that grade mined diamonds.

We work exclusively with the world’s most scientifically advanced diamond growers and expert cutters, and each stone is chosen for the Evolution Collection by Whitakers’ owner and diamond expert John Whitaker, who was trained at the internationally renowned Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in California and has 30 years of experience in selecting the most desirable stones for his clients.

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